Top Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A New Car

Buying a new car is always a very important decision in your life because this will be the vehicle that takes you on all of your adventures. That is why our team at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, wants to help our customers make the right choice for their lifestyle. We understand that the process of buying a new Ford car, truck or SUV can be difficult, which is why we recommend you ask yourself this five questions before you decide anything:

1) Do You Really Need A New Vehicle? — You should think about the reasons you want to buy a new car. Has your current car become unreliable, broken down or too expensive to maintain, or has your family outgrown it? Or do you want a new Ford car, truck or SUV because you want to “treat yourself” and upgrade to the latest model? While there is nothing wrong with that mindset, we suggest you be absolutely certain of your choice.

2) Can You Afford A New Vehicle? — As you’d expect, a new car can have a hefty price tag associated with it. However, there also are other costs to consider. Here at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, we recommend that our customers make a budget and consider additional expenses like car payments, fuel, car insurance, tags, preventive maintenance and repair costs. That way, you can enjoy your new Ford car, truck or SUV without any stress over what you can afford.

3) Should You Buy A New Or Used Vehicle? — Buying a new vehicle will provide you peace of mind through a factory warranty and knowing that you are the first owner for your vehicle. New vehicles do tend to be more expensive and depreciate at faster rates over the first several years of your ownership. With a used vehicle, you can save some money and purchase the same model for less. However, it will have miles already on it. If you decide to go with a used vehicle, our staff at Tom Masano Ford recommends you do your research and look at a complete history of the vehicle, have our factory-trained service technicians inspect the vehicle and browse through different extended auto warranty options.

4) What Kind Of Vehicle Should You Buy? — It usually is a great idea to think about what car, truck or SUV will be the best fit for your unique lifestyle. Though the Ford Mustang is a fantastic and attractive model, it might not be right for you. You should go over what your driving needs are (like if you are someone who tows or hauls a lot), your particular likes and basically what vehicle will make driving easier and fun. Here at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, we will be glad to help you find the Ford that you cannot wait to ride in

5) What Is Your Current Driving Situation? Our team at Tom Masano Ford suggests that our customers ask themselves this question because life always can change instantaneously. If you are someone with a family or someone who tends to have road trips with a lot of passengers, then you obviously don’t want the flashy sports car. We think it is best to take a look at what habits you have with the vehicle you have now and choose a new vehicle that can adequately suit them. That will help eliminate additional stress and allow you to enjoy driving.

Here at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, we always are ready to answer your questions and assist you in finding the Ford of your dreams. Contact us or stop in today!


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