Use These Tips to Help Save Fuel This Summer

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The summertime is finally here and our staff at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, understands that you cannot wait to hit the road for the beaches, lakes and other warm weather destinations. Obviously, you want your Ford to be completely fueled and have all the gas you need for your road trips so you don’t have to make any unnecessary stops at remote gas stations. Here at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, we want to help you make sure you are fully prepared before you head out and that is why we have given you four tips on what you and our experienced service department can do to get your Ford car, truck or SUV ready for the road:
• Replace Your Air Filter — Your Ford engine relies not only on gasoline to work, but also a certain amount of oxygen. The air filter is there to eliminate any dust or debris from the air intake before that air mixes with your existing gasoline. If it becomes clogged, the flow of your air then will become restricted and your Ford will have to burn additional fuel to cope. By having our factory-trained service technicians at Tom Masano Ford replace your air filter, the ratio of air and fuel will remain accurate.
• Properly Inflate Your Tires — The tires of your Ford are intended to be inflated to a certain level of PSI (which is the measurement of air pressure). If they are under-inflated, then you will see that your engine works harder to have the soft tires turn. Our staff at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, suggests allowing us to properly inflate your tires because that will help improve the efficiency of your fuel use, possibly by 2 MPG or more.

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• Don’t Let Your Engine Idle— Our service department at Tom Masano Ford recommends that you do not let your Ford idle for a long period of time before you leave for your trip. A minute or two should be all that is required for your Ford to warm up. You just will be wasting your fuel if it sits any longer than that.

• Change Your Spark Plugs — Here at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, we think it is a great idea that you let our service technicians inspect the condition of your spark plugs before you leave our dealership. If they are dirty or have corroded, they can misfire and cause a giant loss of your fuel. Replacing your existing spark plugs for new ones can improve the performance of your engine and help you save on gas. Our expert service department at Tom Masano Ford will be glad to do so, so be sure to schedule your appointment.


Our staff at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, hopes that our customers find these tips helpful and that everyone enjoys all the road trips they take this summer!

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