Check Out Our Service Tips For Fall

Tom Masano Ford, your Lancaster Ford destination, wants to ensure that our customers get the service that they need for every season. Fall brings with it lovely sights like falling leaves, and cool, comfortable weather. You should also remember that this fall weather can lead to some problems if your car, truck or SUV has not been serviced properly. We have reviewed some aspects of your vehicle that you should probably examine at the start of this fall season.

Oil - More than likely, you spent a lot of time on the road this past summer. You could have been traveling to the beach or finally taking that scenic road trip that you have wanted to enjoy all year. Make sure that you are checking out the handbook of your vehicle to see if you have accrued enough mileage to need to change your oil. When you have fresh oil, you won’t have problems with your engine and you’ll be able to keep your fuel rating at a solid level. If you’re in need of an oil or filter change, make your way to Tom Masano Ford, your Ford dealer in PA, for the service that you need.


Coolant/Antifreeze - It might officially be the fall season, but the summer heat can still linger. Be sure that your engine can make it through the final hot weeks of summer by flushing out your cooling system and filling it back up with the correct amount. Bring your vehicle to your Lancaster Ford service destination, Tom Masano Ford, and get your coolant levels examined and refilled when necessary. Our team will also make sure that your antifreeze is properly filled as well, so your engine can continue running at peak performance as the weather gets colder. Get your vehicle ready for fall at Tom Masano Ford, your Ford dealer in PA.

Windshield Wipers - Winter and spring are not the only seasons for wild weather, as fall can also bring with it late-night thunderstorms and sometimes snow when you get near the end of the season. A dirty windshield can make your eyes tired and lead to safety problems if the issue continues. Be sure to check if your windshield wipers have blades that are functioning how they should and not leaving missed spots. Also, make sure that you have the amount of windshield wiper fluid you require to properly clean your windshield. Come to Tom Masano Ford, your Ford dealer in PA, for the seasonal service your vehicle needs to handle any conditions.

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