The Ford Super Duty Truck Works Hard

Having ownership of the latest Ford Super Duty models, Tom Masano Ford Lincoln offers test drives that focus on performance and capabilities. Clients are encouraged to ask about the technical specifications of this heavy-duty vehicle that's available in more than a dozen trims. Some of the most advanced editions include the Limited and Platinum.

When equipped with a 4x4 drive system, the Super Duty has a solid axle that controls the spin of the front wheels. This durable mechanical component is engineered to handle heavy weights under demanding conditions. Therefore, some of the models are compatible with snowplows and other bulky attachments that are mounted to the front of the grille. Besides providing enhanced weight-bearing benefits, the solid axle stabilizes the weight distribution in the front section of the chassis. This heavy-duty Ford pickup truck also has the Live Drive Power Takeoff function that significantly boosts performance on snow, mud and rocks.



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