Ford Edge: Focused on Safety

People love sport utility vehicles for many reasons, including their sporty looks and usefulness. They can tow heavy loads, carry many passengers and handle various road conditions. It's a bonus when an SUV, like the Ford Edge, has great capability features.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) gives Ford Edge the capability to improve safety on the road. Using sensors, AWD constantly monitors traction to help navigate various weather and road conditions. This feature balances torque between your front and back wheels, which maximizes traction and enhances vehicle handling. Plus, it does this proactively, meaning it's usually done before wheelslip can occur. Also working to enhance safety is the standard rearview camera and washer. Easily clean dirt and debris from the lens so that you always know what's behind your vehicle.

Tom Masano Ford Lincoln is ready for you to visit their Reading showroom to test drive a Ford Edge.



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