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Oil Change in Reading

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Have you been searching around, trying to schedule an oil change in Reading to no avail? Then contact Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealership, and schedule your oil change today. The expert staff at Tom Masano Ford can change your filter and your oil to make sure that your engine is running how to should. Our team ensures that your vehicle gets the exact type of oil and filter that it needs to stay at peak performance.
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A Leaking Exhaust - Danger We Don't Always See

Years ago, a loud car was something many teenagers craved and desired. Today, a loud vehicle is often the sign of exhaust problems or a leaking exhaust. A leaking exhaust can be very dangerous. The best way to ensure your exhaust system is sound is to bring it in to Tom Masano Ford Lincoln and have us take a look at it.

If your exhaust is leaking, it could be allowing harmful exhaust fumes and gases to enter in the cabin of your vehicle. Because the gas is colorless and odorless, you and your family may not be aware of…

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Debunking Myths About Motor Oil

Myths about cars have been around for ages. And for almost as long, there have been myths about motor oil. Because we want you to be informed car owners, we here at Tom Masano Ford Lincoln in Reading, PA want to debunk some of those common oil myths.

The first is a very common one in that your oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles. While this may be true for some cars and oil types, it is not true for all cars. The best place to check this figure is in your owner's manual. The second…
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Tips To Get You Through A Roadside Emergency

Being stranded on the side of the road often leaves drivers feeling helpless, but you don't have to be. That is why we here at Tom Masano Ford Lincoln in Reading, PA want to be sure you are prepared for one of the most common roadside emergencies.

One of the most important things a car owner can know is how to change a tire. There are many instructional videos online to get you started. Familiarize yourself with the car owners manual and practice with your vehicle's jack in your own driveway or garage so that when the time…
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Reliable Hydroplaning Protection

Driving in inclement weather can pose all sorts of dilemmas to drivers. Hydroplaning is just one of them. If you do a lot of rainy driving, you're more than likely familiar with this intimidating and slippery hazard. Drivers should always learn about what they can to do stop hydroplaning from happening in the first place.

If you don't want to hydroplane, you should drive slowly. Don't drive faster than 35 MPH. Don't forget, either, that vehicles can hydroplane on roads that are just a tad wet. Hydroplaning isn't limited to times of intense rain. You…
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Sizing Up Your Tires for Safety Reasons

Whether you purchase your tires at a retail store or have them professionally installed, it’s important to understand tire sizes and be able to understand the symbols and codes that are engraved into the sides of the tires. If you have questions about your tires, don’t hesitate to speak with the experts here at the parts department at Tom Masano Ford.

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Servicing Your Headlights Routinely for Best Results

Your safety is one of our most important concerns here at DEALER and whether we are talking about something very intricate and important like the brakes on your vehicle or something simpler like your headlights, it is important to have routine maintenance done periodically. The reason for this maintenance is that as your vehicle is used more and more there are things that will need to be maintained or repaired in order to function properly.


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Schedule a routine oil change today

Any car trouble which leads to the breakdown of a car while driving is very frustrating. To avoid such difficulties, it is necessary to maintain your vehicle regularly.

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Oil is a vital component of a vehicle. It serves as a lubricant which ensures that the moving parts of the vehicle run smoot

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The Importance of Routine Maintenance

When you want your vehicle to last as long as possible, you will need to make sure it gets in for regular maintenance appointments. These kinds of appointments will check your tires, brakes, and fluids to make sure every part of your vehicle is functioning like it should be. In Reading, PA, we see a lot of people neglect their vehicle by forgetting to bring it in routinely, this ends up damaging the vehicle and can cause a serious problem if it continues.

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