Celebrate Ford Truck Month

It's finally Ford Truck Month, and our expert team at your local Ford dealer in PA, cannot wait to show you the incredible trucks in our inventory! This is an annual event that celebrates the rich heritage of Ford trucks. Since the introduction of the Ford Model TT in 1917, Ford has been renowned for engineering rugged and powerful trucks that customers absolutely love taking on their driving adventures. From charging up a rocky mountain trail to effortlessly cruising through rush-hour traffic on the highway, there is nowhere that a Ford truck cannot take you, and Tom Masano Ford would love to aid you on that journey. Here at your Lancaster Ford destination, we are so excited to walk you through our extensive inventory of amazing Ford trucks to utterly transform the way you travel.

Thanks to initiatives like Ford Truck Month, Ford is proud to say that over 28 million trucks have been sold to this day. This is not surprising because the entire lineup is supremely impressive. The Ford F-150 has been America's most beloved truck for more than 40 years due to its outstanding performance, strength, and comfort. The Ford Super Duty models are built with the heavy-duty muscle to get your jobs done the right way in any terrain The Ford Ranger has returned after a lengthy hiatus, and this mid-size truck has agility and power to spare. As you can see, the expert staff at your local Ford dealer in PA is such a fan of the entire Ford truck lineup. We are ready to walk you through the Ford trucks we have in stock, let you test drive any trucks that grab your interest, and get you behind the wheel of the one you have always wanted. It's time to join the stampede and celebrate Ford Truck month. Find your dream Ford model today at Tom Masano Ford!

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