2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Trucks for Sale Vs. Ford Maverick

2022 Ford Lightning Vs. the Maverick Hybrid Pick-up Truck for Sale

What is the difference between the Ford Maverick and the Ford Lightning?

Earth Fuel Savings

2022 Ford Lightning All-Electric Truck for Sale: MSRP Starting at $39,974 | Ford Maverick MSRP: $19,995

For one, the Ford Lightning presents as more technologically savvy and spacious than the Maverick.

Trucks at Ford in Reading, PA at Tom Masano Ford, offer plenty of choices which means competition galore.

When it comes to the Ford Lightning and Maverick there are many practical components that drivers need to consider before buying or leasing this all-electric or hybrid pick-up truck for sale.

Space & Potential!

- The Ford Lightning's Frunk (front trunk) is created to store more of your items

- Off-road capabilities and 4-wheel drive

- Emit zero emissions with the 2022 Ford Lightning

All-Electric & Hybrid

Think about whether or not a hybrid or an all-electric vehicle works for you.

Either you’ll want to electrify and charge, or you’ll want to have the best of both worlds while continuously saving on fuel, your choice.

The experts at Tom Masano Ford lay out reasons why car buyers should weigh their decision wisely before deciding on an all-electric or hybrid truck for sale. Consider the size of the vehicle, its purpose, your every day driving habits, capability, estimated battery range, fuel savings and more.

electric trucks for sale near me Ford Lightning

Ford Maverick: 

  • Ford Maverick MSRP: $19,995
  • Hybrid truck which doesn’t guzzle gas (stay sustainable, green and innovative)
  • Compact truck for sale
  • City slicker type of truck built with the power of productivity
  • Fuel efficient 
  • 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine coupled with an electric motor

Ford Lightning All-Electric Truck for Sale: 

  • MSRP starts at $39,974
  • 775 lb-ft. torque
  • 10,000 lbs. of maximum towing capacity with a 2,000 payload
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Dual eMotor 
  • 426 hp/775 lb-ft.: Standard-Range Battery
  • 563 hp/775 lb.ft.: Extended-Range Battery
  • Targeted EPA battery range 230-320 miles
  • For truck connoisseurs, seeking a tougher truck, the F-150 all-electric truck for sale is your best bet

Ford Maverick truck for sale


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