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(Included with all service appointments)

(Final price will depend on location, size and vehicle condition)

Tom Masano Lincoln Ford in Reading offers car detailing and cleaning services that exceed a thorough approach.

Our experts provide a full interior wipe down, detailed vacuuming and window cleaning for all exterior and interior windows. We ensure all vehicles drive off with a complete reset and refresh.

Interior of Vehicle

• Full interior wipe down on surfaces
• Vacuum seats, carpets and floor mats


• Detailing experts hand wash your vehicle thoroughly
• Microfiber towels are used to ensure high-quality paint care
• Window cleaning (exterior & interior)


(Finalized price depends on condition of vehicle, size and location)

Couple thorough car detailing along with expert hand waxing and welcome to the Splash package.

Finely detailed interior vacuuming and full wipe downs on all interior surfaces, with dressings for vinyl and leather; this package is a must-have for automotive cleanliness and value upkeep.

Interior of vehicle:

• Vacuum floor carpets, mats, seats, and vehicle trunk
• Full surface wipe down inside
• Window cleaning

Exterior of vehicle:

• Car hand wash and full-on detailing
• Hand drying with microfiber cloths for ultimate quality paint care
• Cleaning and degreasing of all wheels and tires
• All painted surfaces will be hand waxed for paint protection
• Dressings for tires and wheels
• Leather conditioner application
• Dressings on all plastic surfaces
• Trunk seal and door jamb detailed cleaning


(Finalized pricing is dependent upon vehicle condition, location and size)

Say hello to the full Works car detailing package.

With supreme and extreme attention-to-detail, our experts at Tom Masano Ford Lincoln Reading, PA make sure that all vehicles exit with pristine shine whenever we spend time with your automobile.

From cleaning inside and outside of your vehicle to high-quality wax applications and microfiber hand waxing, your vehicle will turn out finely shiny!


  • Vacuuming
  • Wipe down
  • The carpets, floors and trunk receive a deep cleaning
  • Leather seats receive a conditioner and cloth seats are cleaned with a professional shampoo to ensure deep cleaning
  • Headliner spot clean
  • Empty and clean all interior vehicle compartments
  • Window cleaning


  • Hand car wash
  • Our experts dry each vehicle with microfiber towels for best paint care
  • Door jamb cleaning
  • Trunk seal cleaning
  • Engine bay cleaning and wipe down
  • Hand waxing all surfaces with paint
  • Degrease & clean tires
  • Degrease & clean wheels
  • Window cleaning (all windows)
  • Clay prep (removes particles and inconsistencies from surface paint)


(Final cost depends on vehicle location, size & condition)

Tom Masano Ford Lincoln new and used dealership in Reading, PA offers an exceptional car detailing package.

Meet the Kitchen Sink.

Above and beyond, with extensive and in-depth interior and exterior detailing and cleaning, our automotive experts not only fix your paint, they protect it with high-quality hand wax and dry with microfiber towels, plus more.

Interior of Vehicle

  • Full vacuuming; includes vehicle trunk
  • Surface wipe down
  • Thorough cleaning of carpets, seats, floor mats, compartments, trunk, all surfaces
  • Spot clean headliner
  • UV protection application
  • Leather conditioner application
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of all compartments

Exterior of Vehicle

  • Car hand wash
  • Microfiber hand towels are used for high-quality drying
  • Clean all windows

Superior wax application (applied to all surfaces which include paint)

  • Plastic dressings
  • Engine compartments full wipe down
  • Our experts degrease and clean tires and wheels
  • Buffing removes any paint flaws
  • Single pass compounding is also used to remove paint inconsistencies
  • Foreign matter is removed by using our expert clay prep method approach


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