Automotive Wonderland

Since 1954, our new and used car dealership has evolved from a humble and small beginning and has transformed into a thriving family-owned dealership, serving Berks County, PA and nearby areas which include: Shillington, Lancaster, Allentown, Hamburg, King of Prussia, Lebanon, Lehigh Valley, Montgomery, Oley, Pittsburgh, Reading, West Chester, Wilson, Wyomissing, York, Chester County, Pottstown, Wernersville, Sinking Spring and other areas in Pennsylvania. 

We offer a huge selection of new car franchises, from Ford, Lincoln, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

At Tom Masano Auto Group and Tom Masano Ford, we continue to maintain a considerable reach with a 100+ mile radius of brand recognition. 

Our Masano Auto Park location includes a sustainable 30-acre automobile haven. Enter our unique and impressive Automotive Wonderland which certainly sets us apart from other new and used car dealerships nationwide. 

Enter our astonishing 250,000 square-foot Automotive Wonderland and enjoy a seamless car buying experience with 100% online car buying capabilities. 

Our Vision of Tom Masano Auto Group In Berks County:

Culture and commerce are the heart at Tom Masano Auto Group and Tom Masano Ford, which propel us forward with new, adventurous and exciting energy.

We aspire to strike an excellent balance between traditional buying and car buying online, similar to Carvana and Tesla. 

We create an attractive market position appealing to modern customers that seek convenience and the emotional touch which builds a memorable car buying journey. 

Masano rejects all end-of-season sales and clichéd advertising pitches, instead we focus on showcasing an exceptional portfolio, top-notch facilities and unparalleled hospitality. 

Through building a profitable business, we can help contribute to a healthier community and a more sustainable future which ensures a legacy that spans generations and generations to come.

We offer two distinctive ways to buy cars for sale at Masano Auto Park in Berks County. Choose to head over to experience our Automotive Wonderland in Reading, PA or complete your entire car buying experience 100% online with delivery right to your door!

Or, choose to combine both ways, in order to expedite your journey, according to your preferences. 

Vehicle deliveries take place in our galley room, which further personalizes your car buying endeavors.

Our dedicated team of automotive experts operate our Business Development Center (BDC), which handles customer inquiries with unmatched results and efficiency.

We ensure that our customers receive the best assistance throughout your car buying experience. 

We ensure that selling your vehicle is simple. Choose to sell your cars online or in person.

The process is as follows: Describe your vehicle(s), get a virtual or in-person appraisal, finally, receive cash or a trade-in value for your car.

The AutoTorium is the heart and start of our New Automotive Wonderland.

This space captivates visitors and shows a wide array of unique, fun-filled and fascinating vehicles which creates a sense of immersive wonder and excitement. 

Our innovative and entertaining ‘fun-tunnel’ connects various buildings and rooms within Masano Auto Park in Berks County, PA.

The funnel offers mesmerizing lights and sound effects that add to an even more exciting Automotive Wonderland experience. 

Delightfully enjoy our Album Studio which is a treat for audio and music connoisseurs all-around.

With a continual immersive experience, we feature 50 of the world’s greatest album covers. Enjoy iconic sounds as you shop for vehicles in Pennsylvania.

We keep up with the increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs).

We offer state-of-the-art equipment along with a 15-bay service center which has a sole purpose for servicing and maintaining electric vehicles. 

Capture a cherished moment in time of you and your new vehicle within our Automotive Wonderland facility.

With unparalleled clarity and studio lighting, utilize this space as your next Instagram photo.

We collaborate with Manheim which is the world’s largest auction company.

Keep in mind, here at Masano Auto Park, we host our own auto auction which provides a greater and more exciting experience for both car buyers and sellers.

With classic and beloved cartoon characters throughout the Automotive Wonderland facility walls, our Car-toons room holds vehicles that are awaiting to be delivered, further enhancing a fun and thrilling experience.

Check out our indoor vehicle facility which showcases 10 million dollars worth of the worlds finest automobiles.

Enter an automotive dream. The Tiffany’s Room pays tribute to the classic film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Another unique area within includes a 15-foot, 4-panel Beatles Abbey Road album cover; making this spot perfect for your next Instagram photo!

Pre-delivery inspection and used vehicle inspection processes are thorough which includes a rigorous 138-point inspection ensuring number one safety and vehicle maintenance.

Customers will only receive the highest quality vehicles at Tom Masano Auto Group, Tom Masano Ford and all of our other locations.

With meticulous care and attention, our vehicles are washed, scrubbed and polished to restore their original shine.

With daily wear and tear, we address minor dings, dents and wheel damages with our bumper and wheel factory guarantee.

Enjoy a vehicle in pristine condition and drive safely and happy!

All vehicles are welcome, including heavy trucks. Welcome to our heavy truck center which caters to Ford’s huge line of commercial vehicles, plus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans for excellent car service, repairs and maintenance. 

With an extraordinary plan, Masano Auto Park has implemented an Aquaponic Farm onto our premises to further promote our goal of sustainability.

With a sustainable and agricultural charm, Harvest Moon Aquaponics Farm is turning industrial revolution into a sustainable food solution.

Our employees and visitors can take home fresh kale and other vegetables grown in our farm, which furthers our values to promote agriculture, family and love. 

With our number one commitment to sustainability, Masano Auto Park now packages our own spring water in environmentally friendly cardboard cartons.

We offer this water to our visitors to enjoy refreshing spring water on site. We encourage you to take some water home!

Get ready for an exciting surprise which awaits our customers, also known as the ShowVroom!

Our upcoming room promises to enhance your experience at our Automotive Wonderland even more so!


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