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Too many variables are at play when driving on the road, which is why it is vital to safeguard you and your vehicle with the power of Triton® vehicle protection packages. At Tom Masano Ford near me in Reading, our automotive experts want all drivers to know, you’re covered with our partner Triton!

Comprehensive, reliable and constantly transparent coverage offers businesses and drivers a 100% peace of mind opportunity. 

We believe in the power and security of Triton protection packages, which is why, we invite you to learn about their features:

Staying proactively prepared on the road starts with Triton!

Triton Protect Drive360+ for Tire Care

  • Tires that become damaged by nails, glass, potholes, debris and other hazardous objects on the road are covered by Triton Protect Drive360.
  • Predicting your driving risk ahead of time means peace of mind for you and your vehicle.
  • If the tire damage cannot be patched or filled with air then coverage will cover the damaged tire.
  • Unlimited amount of replacements & repairs as long as it’s in the contract term (state to state may vary).

Paintless Dent Repair Coverage

  • Exterior ding and dents on minor paint surfaces and where the paint is not broken will be covered
  • Unlimited service & repair for repair facilities that are used in Triton’s approved network *restrictions and limits may apply

Triton Key Protection

  • Accidents happen and sometimes we either lose, damage or sometimes matters fall out of our hands and our keys become stolen…whichever the case, Triton vehicle protection plans cover instances like these.
  • If you don’t have access to immediate transportation, this coverage will provide reimbursement until your key/key fob is replaced.
  • At Tom Masano Ford near me in Reading, PA our experts ensure that all additional keys which are damaged or lost are also replaced.
  • Lockout assistance is also available for loss, damage or theft.

Protect Vehicles with Triton 360+ Windshield 

  • Your vehicle’s windshield is exposed to everything while you are out on the road. Cracks and minor chips caused by rocks, debris, objects experienced on public roads, streets and highways are covered. 
  • Coverage is unlimited as long as it is within the contract term (Limits may vary).

Triton Advantage+

  • Innovate vehicle performance and security and safeguard your vehicle from inevitable wear and tear.
    • $0.00 deductible
    • Coverage: mechanical wear and tear 
    • Coverage: mechanical components 
    • Roadside assistance 24/7 (emergencies happen; you’re safely covered)

Triton Covers Your High Mileage Vehicles Too! Prepare and Stay Ahead with Triton Protect Extra

  • After your manufacturer’s warranty expires,Triton Protect Extra is available for those that want to mitigate their driving risk.
  • Triton coverage plans vary from: Basic, Basic Plus, Ultra and Ultimate packages. Gain the benefit of having more mechanical component coverage and drive peace of mind. Keep your vehicle running for the long haul and add confidence and safety to the list.

Triton & GAP Protection

  • If a driver’s lease or loan balance exceeds the actual value of the vehicle, GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance will cover vehicles declared a total loss and stolen. GAP insurance can only be purchased during the vehicle purchase date. 
  • Road accidents happen, Triton GAP insurance adds a layer of protection. Gain coverage for the GAP between the balance owed on the lease or loan & the value of the vehicle (determined by your auto insurer).
  • Triton GAP insurance could help waive the remainder balance of the vehicle cash value and the remaining balance at the date of loss (must be declared a total loss).

As partners, let the experts at Tom Masano Ford near me in Reading, PA help you learn everything and anything there is to know about Triton vehicle protection plans.

For more information and assistance, call Triton’s customer service phone number at 1-800-446-6614.


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