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Ford Bronco History

The Ford Bronco has been around for quite some time, since 1966. This SUV for sale is known for its earthy ruggedness and off-road nature!

In fact, this vehicle was initially inspired by the Ford Mustang and earlier Jeep designs. Ford began building military models during WWII which included two models:

  • Ford WWII GP (general purpose vehicles)
  • Ford M-151 Mutt (built to go everywhere!)

This strong and rugged vehicle eventually coined a memo headline: G.O.A.T. standing for ‘Go Over All-Terrain’.

Ford Broncos have been long known to be a 4×4 off-road vehicle meant for anything and everything roads throw at you!

The Ford President Donald Frey, introduced the Ford Bronco vehicle on August 11th, 1965. Early sketches of the Bronco stretch back to July 24, 1963. The design is similar to the new Bronco models today, which presents a box-like shape, two doors, with round headlights.

During the beginning design and construction of this vehicle, this SUV for sale went through many revisions over time.

The Ford Bronco Really Is Designed to Go Anywhere and Everywhere!

Three Ford Bronco body styles were initially created: 

What is a Roadster Bronco?

This model allows for roofs and doors to be taken off or kept on. 

The windshield has the capability to fold flat down on the hood and can be placed in a locked position. This version appears sporty and doors were optional with or without a glass frame.

Drivers could have chosen vinyl doors or a removable convertible top. An extra spare tire fits in the back while those who know how to drive a manual transmission can go anywhere and everywhere your heart desires. 

Bronco Sport Utility:

This model has a short steel roof plus provides the same capabilities as the Roadster model, although it includes a few more extras. This SUV has a pickup bed, a short top, a bench seat and seats 2-3. It was coined a “half-cab” over time. 

Ford Bronco Wagon:

During the early Ford Bronco days, the Wagon was the most popular SUV for sale. This may have to do with the fact that it fits up to five passengers and includes a rear bench seat.

With a full length roof and a full upper body build, this SUV is certainly protected from daily weather elements and is much more spacious than previous builds.

Soon after the 1965 design, the Ford Bronco quickly catapulted itself to be drivers favorite choice vehicle for off-road racing!

Off-road racers soon helped this vehicle become even more popular as this SUV won the 1967 Riverside Four-Wheel Drive Grand Prix

Once this news took off, celebrities started to get behind the wheel of a Ford Bronco.

The Bronco went through a few upgrades after 1966, but for the most part, the design did not change much until the year 1973.

The main Bronco innovations that took place in 1973 included: 

  • Power steering
  • Automatic transmission
  • The sizing specs changed from 170 cubic-inch six to 200 cubic-inch six

As time progressed, the Bronco continued to evolve for the good.

The 1974 version was set to be called ‘Shorthorn’ but because of an economic downturn and an issue with oil embargo, the redesign was halted. 

Ford Bronco

It wasn’t until 1978 that the Ford Bronco made a true transformation. 

Not only was this vehicle meant to be a 4×4 vehicle designed to go anywhere but it was also built to handle the highways just as well as off-roading. 

In the seventies, there were 2 V-8 engines offered and no V-6 option was available in 1978. The strong military-grade engine helps prove Ford Broncos power and performance at the time.

The interior was also renovated into something larger and even greater! With more space, leg room, an AC and an AM & FM radio choice, this SUV was designed before its time!

During 1976, the Bronco build was a massive sales hit and gained 180,000 sales in the first two years.

Throughout the years of 1980 to 1986 the Ford Bronco Sport became smaller, lighter in weight, and better with fuel efficiency, including aerodynamic capabilities.

In 1990, the F-Series Ford Bronco discontinued as the Ford Explorer was next. The Last Bronco generation ran from 1992-1996.


Ford Bronco Generations: 

  • Ford Bronco First Generation (Early Model): 1966-1977
  • Ford Bronco Second Generation (Early Model): 1978-1979
  • Ford Bronco Third Generation (Classic): 1980-1986
  • Ford Bronco Fourth Generation (Classic): 1987-1991
  • Ford Bronco Fifth Generation (Classic): 1992-1996
  • Ford Bronco Sixth Generation | All-New Ford Bronco Sport 2021 

After years of waiting forever, Bronco enthusiasts who prefer to go anywhere and everywhere have long awaited the revival of the Ford Bronco

With innovative, practical and continuous rugged all-weather features, along comes the all-new 2021/2022 Ford Bronco sixth generation!

Order your new Bronco Sport from Tom Masano Ford or pre-certified Ford vehicle today and stop limiting where you can and can’t drive!

Bronco FAQ’s:

Are 2022 Ford Broncos Available? 

Yes! According to Ford, the Bronco Everglades comes out summer of 2022! Let the excitement continue…

How much Is a Fully Loaded Ford Bronco? 

A fully loaded 2022 Ford Bronco can start near $47,780 for a two-door and the price extends greater for four-door models and additions. Ask our car experts in Reading for specifics and give us a call today at 877-866-6272!

Why Did Ford Stop Making Broncos? 

In the late nineties, two-door SUV’s once lost their popularity and demand. Along came the Ford Expedition and then the more spacious Ford Excursion. 

Luckily, the long awaited 2021 Ford Bronco has arrived for Bronco connoisseurs and the wait is now over! Pre-order and test drive yours! learn more about this model from Tom Masano Ford today!

Does the Roof Come Off the New Bronco? 

Yes! For the ultimate off-road experience, this vehicle was made to take off the doors, roof and the fender panels.

How Many Different Ford Broncos Are There? 

The long awaited 2021 Bronco has 3 new models which include: a two door option, four doors and a smaller Bronco Sport SUV for sale.

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