What Your Dashboard Lights Mean

The row of indicator lights running along your dashboard is one of the most crucial components in your Ford car, truck, or SUV.

dashboard lights

Dashboard lights? That is because they give you important details regarding the performance of your various driving systems such as what features currently are engaged and if there are any problems.

Our experienced team at Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealer in PA, want our customers to always know the meanings behind these lights and what you can do about the issues they are pointing out.

We believe they will be essential in helping you keep track of your Ford model.

ABS warning light

If this light is on, that means your anti-lock brake computer needs to be examined. Make sure that you bring it to our dedicated service department at Tom Masano Ford, your Lancaster Ford dealer, so that we can check it out for you.

battery light

This light activates when it detects that your battery voltage is low; a possible sign that your battery is incorrectly charging. You should look over the terminals of your battery and then the actual battery. If you cannot determine the problem, then leave your Ford with the service department at Tom Masano Ford.

braking system

This light turns on whenever your parking brake is engaged while your Ford is running. However, it could also be a sign that your brake fluid is too low or that your brakes are experiencing other difficulties. Make your way to Tom Masano Ford, your local Ford dealer in PA, to get your brakes inspected.

car warning lights

This light will flash when your Ford car, truck, or SUV begins to overheat. That can cause different problems, along with being a clue that your vehicle is running low on coolant fluid and that your fan or radiator may be damaged.

oil pressure

You will see this light when your oil begins to reach low levels or even near empty. No one ever wants low oil because it can seriously harm your engine. Remember to use our expert service team at Tom Masano Ford, your Lancaster Ford dealer, to get your oil inspected and changed if needed.

These are just several examples of the dashboard lights in your Ford model. Here at Tom Masano Ford, your Ford dealer in PA, we encourage our customers to visit our service department.

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