2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Trucks for Sale Near Me

2022 Ford Lightning

Welcome to an agile way of living, driving, and thriving; maneuvering and charging every which way.

Bye, Bye to Fuel

MSRP Starting at $39,974

This beast of an all-electric pick-up truck comes in 8 model options:
XL: $30,495
XLT: $38,130
Lariat: $48,065
King Ranch: $59,290
Platinum: $62,070
Limited: $76,595
Tremor: $53,085
Raptor: $69,525

Ford All-Electric Pick-up Truck for Sale

Ford continues to optimize and evolve for the future; take the frunk for instance, this front trunk is trending, is all-new and competitors just can’t match this model, especially when it comes to extra cargo space!

Winning the electric pick-up truck race and other brands just can’t keep up with Ford’s pace.

Frunk Truck

This time, the F-150 roars with a productive vengeance which is sustainable and reliable for all types of lifestyles.

With fuel prices reaching all-time highs it’s vital to think of ways to spend less on fuel and electric vehicles are a wise solution.

  • All electric pick-up truck for sale in Reading, PA
  • Powerful horsepower that reaches up to 563hp
  • Stay robust with 775 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Tow up to 10K lbs. of gear with the lean mean muscle mass the 2022 Ford Lightning offers; gain a payload of 2K pounds!
  • Store tons more of your items with the Mega Power Frunk
  • Extended battery ranges help drivers drive longer distances: 230 mile battery range
  • 360 degree lighting, this way, drivers and workers can have access to lights whether you’re located backcountry or working or playing late
  • Pro Power Onboard: 9.6 kilowatts for workers that need power and edge
  • Have access to a one-of-a-kind frunk
  • Pro Onboard Power (export 9.6-kilowatts of portable energy)
  • Luxurious and comfortable interior
  • The exterior is built for absolute ruggedness
  • Charge your large F-150 and barge on through all-weather conditions
  • All-wheel drive (rain, mud, sleet, sand, snow; simply charge through)

Ford electric trucks


When we mention reliability, the Ford creators have made sure that Pro Onboard Power is available for those drivers that need to get work done now! Plug-in vital work gear and stay productive.

Not only is this truck for sale perfect for recreational activities, but it is also ideal for setting up your own personal workstation, if you need it.

Workers and recreational seekers can carry ample amounts of mountain gear. Whether it is your favorite outdoor or work items, the Lightning has a tremendous amount of power which towers & powers over every other vehicle on the road.

Perhaps you’re looking for a pick-up truck for sale with a lot of space? Whichever the case is, Ford electric trucks for sale are available at Tom Masano Ford in Reading, PA and ready to charge off of our lots and onto your property and the roads that you choose.

The Ford F-150 Pick-Up Truck for Sale – the Wait Has Ended

The Ford Lightning lives up to its name for the mere fact that not only does it charge like electric lightning, but the features just keep improving.

For more information about how you can electrify your new truck experiences at Ford, give the car experts at Tom Masano Ford in Reading, PA a call at 877-866-6272 and we’ll ensure an experience which surpasses all other new and used dealerships.

The future of versatility and pick-up trucks has now arrived, and this is the time to find your all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning pick-up truck for sale in Reading, PA. Order and build your new custom model today!


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