How to Order a Car?

March 3rd, 2022 by

Can you order a car the way you want? 

The answer is yes! 

When you order from your chosen new or used dealership near me aka Tom Masano Ford in Reading, PA let our car experts know that you’ll be ordering and customizing your vehicle.

We’ll help deliver a seamless factory order process and experience. From a Ford Ecosport, to the Mustang, Mustang Mach-ESuper Duty F-250, Ford Bronco Sport, 2021 Edge, Edge ST, the Ford ExpeditionExplorer, Explorer ST, F-150F-150 Lightning, F-550, F-650/F-750Ranger, Transit Connect cargo van, the Maverick and more. 

order a car

There are plenty of reasons why car buyers are opting to order cars in 2022 and beyond.

  • For one, locking in a price now often helps car buyers save when you are car buying NOW! With inflation happening worldwide, saving on any item, large or small should be on every buyer’s mind. 


  • Have access to customize your vehicle according to exactly the look and additional vehicle options you prefer. Sometimes when you shop at a new or used dealership near me car lot, in-stock vehicles may be lacking the paint color you are seeking or perhaps the add-ons don’t meet all of the bells and whistles you are searching for.


  • Ordering your car straight from the manufacturer and from your chosen dealership provides an option to be very specific. 


  • With worldwide inflation, technology and chip shortages, the MSRP rate on new cars for sale is now considered a fair deal.


  • Customize your pick to exactness and gain ultimate precision when you choose to order a car, truck, van or SUV for sale from Tom Masano Ford in Reading.

Order a Car FAQs

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The process is simple. Choose Tom Masano Ford in Reading, PA car experts to help your car buying experience become an ease and a breeze. If we don’t have the exact model and type of vehicle in-stock then we will custom order your new vehicle for sale right from the manufacturer.

You can build your new car for sale via the Ford customizer which uses augmented reality and computer-generated images to give car buyers an immersive-like experience. For more questions about how to buy a car online, chat live with an online specialist, fill out our contact form or call us at 877-866-6272. We look forward to assisting you with all of your car buying, service and detailing near me automotive needs.

The automotive market is at a constant flux, so it’s not quite possible to give exact delivery date estimates. Although, looking at the average time to fill a factory car order is around 4-months.
If you are ordering a car from your dealership of choice and right from the manufacturer then be prepared to possibly wait up to 4-months to retrieve your new car for sale. Sometimes the wait time is less, and if the vehicle is being transported from overseas, the wait time could be a bit longer than if the vehicle were being transported domestically.
Yes, car buyers can certainly buy a car for sale straight from the manufacturer, although car buyers will have to go through a new or used dealership near me to help place the order.
At Tom Masano Ford in Reading, PA, we can help you customize your factory car order for specific preferences, this way, you get absolute exactness!

Yes, as long as car buyers choose reputable new and used dealerships near me, then buying a car online should be a safe and seamless experience. Choosing Tom Masano Ford car experts in Reading to walk you through the online car buying process ensures a smooth journey.

With over five dealership locations and over 75-years in the automotive business, it is always wise for all car buyers to choose companies with credibility, reputation, amazing customer service and rapport. The answer is yes! Pre-order your dream vehicle and lock in a savings price today!

Giving exact car order delivery dates the date you order your car is not possible. We like to let all car buyers know that the customization and car order process could potentially take up to 4-months or longer, depending on various factors involved.
Ordering your car may take longer than finding a vehicle in-stock, but you’ll get your vehicle just the way you choose!

Ask your new & used dealership near me about ordering and return policies. At Tom Masano Ford in Reading, our car experts ensure that we are completely transparent with each and every customer.

Make sure to ask as many questions as you need and ask us about how soon after the ordering process can you change your mind on paint colors and about other add-ons; our car experts will find you an answer.

When our new and used dealership near me in Reading, PA holds a specific vehicle ordered directly from the manufacturer, car buyers will need to provide some type of deposit to ensure they are in fact serious about purchasing the new vehicle for sale.

The typical amount that car buyers use as a deposit is anywhere between $500-$1K. Although, keep in mind, it is rare for dealerships to run the credit card or deposit the check provided. The deposit is to prove car buying seriousness.

At Tom Masano Ford in Reading, PA, our car experts will provide you with a build order sheet that lists: the model, customizations, negotiated and finalized price, including an estimated date of arrival.

You’ll receive a buyer’s order which will contain agreed pricing between the car buyer and dealership. The order will include vehicle option & extras included, license, title, incentives and tax information.

Ask your dealership what amount you will need to pay once the vehicle physically arrives at your location. Ask us any question and avoid any confusions.

It is always a wise idea to ask your chosen new & used dealership near me about any discounts currently trending this month or ask if you are eligible for any incentives. Are you a first-responder? A military member? A Doctor? Let our car experts know!
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