How Exhaust Systems and Mufflers Work

March 29th, 2021 by

car exhaust

People sometimes don’t realize the value of certain automotive parts until they break down.

vehicle exhaust

This is certainly true of mufflers and exhausts. Our Tom Masano Ford Lincoln service techs frequently check mufflers and exhausts during factory-scheduled maintenance. Here’s a brief but closer look at these vital auto parts.

Keeping Air Safe and Breathable

The exhaust manifold collects engine gases from cylinders in the combustion chamber, channeling several streams of harmful gasses into a single pipe. Thanks to catalytic converters, the harmful gases undergo transformation into carbon dioxide and water vapor. The exhaust system continues its work, keeping noxious fumes out of the vehicle cabin and the atmosphere. The resulting carbon dioxide and water vapor leave the vehicle via the tailpipe.

Keeping Cars Relatively Quiet

Before exiting through the tail pipe, catalyzed engine gases and engine sound waves pass through the muffler. Depending on design, the muffler may contain a series of interior holes or tubes. When engine sound waves and gases pass through this network of channels, the muffler dampens the rumbling waves, keeping the sound of engine activity to a more comfortable decibel level.

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