Raw Power, Refined: The Ford Explorer

November 11th, 2020 by

Ford Explorer SUV for sale near me

In a larger SUV like the Ford Explorer, you expect to have plenty of power to help you take on rough terrain or heavy loads with confidence.

Fortunately, the Ford Explorer from Tom Masano Ford Lincoln provides more than its fair share of power, all with the refinement that you’d expect from a vehicle that’s been around for decades.

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This power and refinement is seen in the engine of the Ford Explorer. With an available engine capable of producing 400 horsepower and 415-lb.-ft. of torque, the Ford Explorer ST truly must be experienced to be believed. This is more than enough power to get you out of tough situations that you might find yourself in when you’re navigating a back road in Reading.

Of course, this much power translates to serious towing capacity. The available Class III Trailer Package allows the Explorer to tow up to 5,600 pounds, which is plenty to be able to tow a large trailer anywhere that you want to go.

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