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Drive or Shop the Extra Mile!

Sometimes going the extra mile to a new or used dealership can potentially trim off $1K!

Drivers need to do their due diligent research online or by phone, so they can compare and contrast other car dealerships in Reading and the perks offered.

Don’t just settle on a new or used dealership that is right around the corner from your home. Go the distance and save more money by seeking locations that are outside of your home radius.

Be Kind to Car Salespeople

Chances are, if you are kind, you will most likely win over the car sales agent; in return, this could also shave off extra money or perhaps an upgrade or additional perks will be given to you.

Car salespeople are humans, treat your fellow human with utmost kindness and in turn, you may just luck out with even more savings than you imagined during the car buying process.

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If Drivers Lease Vehicles, Lease Carefully!

Some drivers may become surprised that when you lease a vehicle, extra mileage can and is usually written into the lease contract. Say for instance, you drive over the mileage set in the contract; you may be asked to pay an additional amount per the lease contract.

It is important that you know all of the fine print that is written within.

Used cars for sale near me: Maintenance Costs? Research This Major Expense and Determine the Vehicle Brand That You Want

Before you commit yourself to any particular brand and vehicle model, it is vital that you research how much typical maintenance costs are as some car maintenance costs tend to be on the higher side while others are more affordable.

As a driver, you’ll want to make sure that you set yourself up for savings success in the short and long-term.

Become a Better Negotiator

This will be a car buyer’s best skill to have. Know the market and learn how to negotiate a vehicle price that you deserve.

The more you know, the better off you’ll be. Know which deals are currently active, timing is always of the essence.

Are you a military member? A First-Responder? Let the new or used dealership know who you work for and you may receive even more auto incentives. Know what you are talking about and drive on.

Drivers: Ask New & Used Dealerships More Questions and Ensure You’re Ready to Buy a Car

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It is never too late to speak up; you may be browsing new and used dealerships yet you are simply not ready to buy a car. The decision is yours, but remember to ask as many questions as possible and no question is too small or large for the automotive experts at Tom Masano Ford Lincoln.

Drivers: there are plenty of things that you can do to lower out-the-door rates set by new and used dealerships.
You can also choose to buy used cars for sale near me during a specific holiday as dealerships usually offer incentives throughout the year.

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Simply follow the tips above from Tom Masano Ford Lincoln and ensure that you research everything and anything when it comes to pricing, the brand and model that you are seeking, plus car maintenance costs and more.

Or, browse all used cars for sale online and save even more time and money!

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