Used Dealerships: Vehicles for Sale and 5 Warning Lights Not to Ignore!

March 31st, 2021 by

We all know that if we let our vehicle alert notifications hang out in our dashboard for too long then other issues are and will be on the rise. If you are on the market for a vehicle for sale from a new or used dealership then you’ll need to ensure that you have your transportation looked at for reliable safety.

Never ignore these top 5 warning lights that may arise at some point in time while you drive your vehicle:

car airbag

Air Bag Alert  

When this alert enters your vehicle’s dashboard, you’ll want to get this checked out right away! Automobile safety is crucial. If your airbags are not working properly then this could affect their deployment when they are needed the most. Ensure that you act on this alert quickly!

ABS Alert (Anti-Lock Brakes) 

If this alert notification arises, you’ll need to take your vehicle to the car experts in Reading, PA.

Believe it or not, if you don’t correct an (ABS) Anti-Braking System alert, then it is possible that when you brake hard to avoid something on the road, drivers wheels will potentially skid. An ABS alert could indicate the brakes aren’t properly connecting with the vehicle’s tires; a dangerous combination. 

Head over to Tom Masano Ford Lincoln car maintenance specialists if this alert light appears and our auto experts can solve the issue and turn off this alert notification that remains dormant in your vehicle’s dashboard.

Oil Alert 

Oil moving throughout your vehicle will help keep the parts moving seamlessly throughout the car, truck or SUV. 

Drivers: drop off your vehicle’s at Tom Masano Ford Lincoln in Reading every 3K miles driven as this car maintenance step is what keeps your vehicle’s health in tip-top shape. If your automobile is lacking oil, this could cause mechanical friction and grinding which could also cause part erosion. Get your oil changed on time!

oil engine light

Engine Alert 

This complex vehicle alert will need a car expert in Reading to assess the engine. This alert could mean many issues at hand.

Act quickly and get your engine checked out in an expedited amount of time, otherwise, drivers may face pricier car maintenance costs including parts and labor.

Remember, don’t let alert warnings prolong or it could create an even larger problem down the road.

car battery Reading

Battery Alert

If you receive a battery alert, you should buy a new battery replacement soon! The cost of a battery can range from $50-$150.00 and is a one-time fee. 

No drivers can afford to NOT have your vehicle start. If a battery alert light is present, ensure that you cover this fix VERY soon. 

Used dealerships and new: continue to read automotive insights from Tom Masano Ford Lincoln in Reading. Also serving surrounding cities which include Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh Valley, Montgomery counties and more.

Never underestimate how ignoring warning lights could cause an expensive car maintenance trip.

Act quickly and save more!


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