Electric Cars for Sale – Ford Models in Reading, PA

Electric cars enable ultimate fuel savings, tax credits up to $7,500, save natural resources, plus there are tons more perks involved.

Of course, the Ford creators and manufacturers have accelerated the automotive pace and continue to keep up with digital and futuristic progression in 2021.

By offering hybrid and electric model choices, drivers receive versatility and the ability to choose various versions that solely use fuel, electric and fuel in combination, or fully use all-electric capabilities; it is up to drivers preferences and practicalities at hand.

Our experts at Tom Masano Ford Lincoln Reading, PA advise all drivers to research different models in-depth before making this big decision: whether to go fully electric or not.

Most importantly, with advanced infrastructure, green initiatives, green vehicle tax incentives and more, electric cars continue to make headway in 2021 and will likely keep the momentum, considering the benefits involved.

More and more electric charging stations are becoming readily available for electric car drivers that are out and about.

Pioneered for the Future – Ford Strong for the Long-Term

Welcome to Hybrid Vehicles from Ford in 2021: Some Exciting Models Include:

2021 Mustang Mach-E

Mustang Mach e sports cars for sale near me

Whether you want equipped comfort or you want an all-electric vehicle for sale that has a powerful estimated driving range of 300-miles and SUV capabilities; drivers can now have more plus even more with the 2021 Mustang Mach-E.

The aesthetics are not only exhilarating but the classy design offers sharp electrified luxuriousness.

2021 Ford Escape Hybrid Vehicle for Sale

2020 Ford Escape SUV for sale

This hybrid model ensures that drivers retrieve a long estimated driving range of 582 miles!

Starting at $27,605 – affordable, essential yet efficient and resourceful, this vehicle is packed with plenty of interior space.

Includes Ford CoPilot 360 Technologies, ensuring safer transportation each and every ride! And, exceeds speeds from 0-60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds.

Vehicle for Sale: 2021 Escape Plug-In Hybrid

This plugin model is efficiently aligned, spacious and only needs a bit under 3-hours to retrieve a full battery charge on a standard 240 volt outlet. 

The 2021 Escape Plug-In Hybrid begins at $32,650. This compact SUV model is affordable and ready to provide smooth efficiency while you drive.

With Sync 3, drivers can speak to this smart technology, change their thermostat, order everything from take out to scheduling a business meeting. Call this connectivity? Absolutely! This version also includes the Ford CoPilot 360 for best-in-class safety.

For more information about all-electric or hybrid models and cars for sale, contact the experts at Tom Masano Ford Lincoln in Reading, PA and weigh out which Ford vehicle for sale will be the most practical for you and your driving adventures that lie ahead. Order a car today

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